Wednesday, September 16, 2009


That gorgeous fall sky I was telling you about.
I guess i'm feeling a little frustrated today. I haven't sold a print in almost two weeks. Really hoping that it changes. I know i'm fairly new to etsy so I shouldn't expect much. But I sold 7 prints in two weeks and that made me SO EXCITED. I have this fear that now I will just stop selling. No one will buy anything at all.

Still missing my cat. Its weird not having him here. 14 years of seeing him everyday. Opening the back door and him running in. Worrying in a rainstorm that he wasn't under cover. Its just SO WEIRD.

That's all for now


  1. You have a lovely blog and yes I understand the love you have for your pet. Oh I lost my dog and I really wept over losing him. It's almost like losing a friend. Blessings D.elizabeth

  2. Thanks! Yeah it's really hard, isn't it? Hopefully with time it will get better <3