Sunday, February 28, 2010

Done all wrong. I've done all wrong.

It is impossible not to be in love with these two.

I seriously love everything about them. Raising kittens is truly a unique experience. Samson runs into things falls, everywhere and some how always manages to bounce back up with that stupid cute look of his. I love kissing them when they are asleep and I can smell my mothers clean cotton perfume on their fur. They are awesome and bring me so much joy.

In other news I just finished reading the time travelers wife. My cousin recommended it ages ago and I finally got around to it. After three days of hiding in bed reading I came out sobbing. It was SUCH a good book, the kind where you feel like you've crawled into another world and you are a part of it, like a character no one notices. I recommend it to everybody.

Jill and I have a show on friday and I am starting to get nervous. Wish me luck and I will keep my 2 readers updated. :)